Entry fees CACIB 2020

Only entries paid in time may be accepted for show.
We do not accept payment on show.

Entry fees

Dogs registered in FCI associated organisation

First dog 50 EUR
Each succeding dog* 40 EUR
Minor puppy, puppy, veteran 30 EUR
Polish breeds
20 EUR
Catalog 5 EUR
Best couple competition 20 EUR
Best breeding group 20 EUR
Junior handling compet. 15 EUR


* "Succeeding dog", means that dog belongs to the same owner (or owners) as first dog.
Example 1:
Dog A - owner Mr Smith
Dog B - owners Mr Bean + Mr Smith
Dog C - owner Mr Bean
In this case all of the dogs A, B, C are "first dog".
Example 2:
Dog A - owners Mr Smith + Mr Bean
Dog B - owners Mr Smith + Mr Bean
In this case entry fee is calculated as follows:
Dog A for "first dog" + Dog B "succeeding dog"

Bank account

ING Bank Śląski S.A.
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